How can sports benefit your child academically?

How can sports benefit your child academically?

Playing sports helps children take a break from their regular routine and keep themselves fit. However, it also enables them to build some qualities that benefit them in their academic spheres. Below, we will look into some of these benefits from the perspective of teachers from a CBSE board school in entire part of KOLKATA

6 ways sports can benefit your child academically :


Inculcates self-discipline:

Children who participate in sports learn how to inculcate the value of self-discipline by following a set routine. For instance, they wake up early in the morning, go to their school, find time to practice, and study every day. Being disciplined and managing their time helps them excel in both sports and academics,

Nurtures perseverance:

Students who participate in sports initially find it difficult to cope with their academics. However, it becomes easier as they gradually learn how to divide their time between both. Learning how to persevere through these challenges and face them head-on allows them to prosper in both these fields.

Promotes teamwork:

Sports teach children the importance of teamwork. This makes them think beyond themselves and be more considerate of others. According to the teachers of a CBSE board school these children become better teammates and thrive in academic settings where they work with other children of their age on different school projects.

Accepting defeat:

In sports, players often experience setbacks. When children take part in sports, they learn how to embrace these defeats and not feel disheartened. Sports, therefore, teach them how to get back up and try again. Hence, knowing that failures are not the end helps them in academics to work on themselves and be better.

Builds social skills:

Sports require players to communicate with each other. Moreover, playing sports encourages healthy competition. Thus, children who participate in sports learn how to interact with their team members and competitors, which in turn, helps them build their social skills. These skills make them feel more confident in classroom settings while engaging and interacting with their peers and teachers.

Being resilient:

We discussed earlier how sports help children learn the importance of embracing defeat. Since players do not always get the outcome they desire, they often get a blow on their confidence. But, when they learn how to take these failures to their stride, they become good sportsmen.

In schools too, when children work hard for an exam and do not get the marks that they desire or miss the first rank in their class by a few marks, they start losing their confidence. But sports teach them how to constantly keep up their efforts until they achieve what they want to achieve.

From the above points, we have understood how playing sports can benefit students academically. Hence, if you are a parent, you must encourage your child to participate in sports so that they learn skills that not only help them prosper in their academic settings but also in their life.

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